What is Box/Case Break?

How Box/Case Break works?

A box break is a live stream event where we will be opening Trading Card games products such at Magic:The Gathering or Flesh and Blood that you have purchased prior or during the live stream at our social media channel: FaceBook! (We will be expanding to our streaming platform in the future).

A Group box/case breaks means that a brand new sealed products will be split between other buyers who have chosen a slot. 

A Personal box/case breaks means that you will get everything that has been open during the livestream.


The details of how the box/case breaks will be organised

When is the box/case break!!?? 😍

You will be informed in advanced on the scheduled timing for box/case break.

For Magic:The Gathering Box Break, it will be held on Saturday and Sunday at 8pm (Follow our Mana Pro Facebook page to get update on the Box Break!)


For Flesh and Blood Box/Case Break, it will be held on Saturday and Sunday at 4pm (Follow our Mana Pro Facebook page to get update on the Box Break!)


New releases will have separate date and timing and usually will be on the first day of the product launch! Giving everyone a headstart~!

Select a Break

We will start to post break schedule to allow players to plan which products that would like to book a slot or more slots! Please do read carefully as they may varies from different breaks.

*Please note that only when slots has been taken fully from that box/case break then we will proceed.

Purchase your slot(s)

Once the scheduled box/case break is confirmed, you will be notified and payment is required before the breaks - payment method is via paynow/paylah/googlepay.

Watch it LIVE!

Go to our Mana Pro FaceBook page at the scheduled time. You can watch the livestream and do join in the fun by commenting! If you are unable to watch, not to worry! The breaks will be uploaded to our FaceBook page and you can watch at your own time!

After the Break

Please collect your card in-store with a week if possible, otherwise please contact us via Whatsapp @ +65 8812 4470 to arrange.

If you requires mailing services, we can! However, do help cover the mailing fee to ensure that we can continue to be sustainable! 

Normal mail: $1 (at buyers' risk)

Registered mail: $3.50 (a tracking number will be provided)

Receive your Cards

For mailing, you should receive the cards around 3-5 working days for normal mail and 1-3 working days for registered mail. Of course, enjoy your new cards for your deck!

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us via Whatsapp @ 8812 4470 for a faster response.

Thank you everyone for supporting our Box/Case breaks! See you the next one!