Looking to sell away your cards with no hassle?

Selling cards may be a pain when you have a huge collections, putting up for auctions and meeting with buyer is too troublesome and is taking up your space and time when you can enjoy the game instead!

Why not let us help you! Sell us your cards without hassle~~

How do I check the price?

We are currently following Card Kingdom's buylist price. Visit their website and check the sell card price.

What cards can I sell to you? 

  1. We only buy English language cards.
  2. We are not accepting foil cards.
  3. Cards must be near mint condition* and buylist price is USD 1 : SGD 1
  4. We are not accepting inked cards such as stamps, signed cards
  5. We are not accepting Common and Uncommon cards below 50 cents
  6. For Bulk Rare below $1 CK buylist price, it will be 10 cent per piece.**

*Near mint condition - No major flaws can be seen on the front and back of the card. We will assess the card condition to confirm the buylist. 

** Please note that Bulk Rare do not have conversion rate and no store credit bonus. Bulk Rare refers to buylist price less than $1.

For bulk Common and Uncommon - every 1000ct storage box = $10

Please let us know which set of commons and uncommon you would like to sell as we are only accepting from certain sets.

*exclude basic lands, tokens and ads cards

How do I submit the buylist cards to you?

  1. Provide as a simple excel with the following column:
  • Edition
  • Card Name
  • Sell Price
  • Quantity
  • Total
  • You can email to or WhatsApp to us at 8812 4470
  • We will response to you within two days to confirm the buylist.
  • Once confirmed, you will need to bring the cards to MANA PRO, BLK 203 CHOA CHU KANG AVENUE 1 #B1-41 SINGAPORE 680203 within 3 days.
  • Please remove all the sleeves from the cards
  • Arrange your cards in order of your excel list 

Once we have received your cards, we will examine your card condition and re-quote you for your acceptance within 5 days upon receiving your cards.

Can I just bring down the cards without doing the excel list of cards and checking the prices?

Yes you can, however we will charge a service fee of 15% which will be minus from your total sell value. This applies only to Mythic/Rare cards above $1. 

Do you give store credits?

Yes! If you have opt for store credits, you will receive 30% bonus store credits! Otherwise, you can still receive Cash payment. Not applicable for bulk common/uncommon/rare/mythic for store credits.

If I have decided after selling the cards, can I withdraw?

We are sorry that once the transaction is confirmed and closed, We are unable to reverse the process. However, you may buy the cards from us instead~! 😊

What TCG Cards do you buy back?

We are only accepting Magic: The Gathering cards at the moment.